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Yes he will, in a vote 2-1 Democrats, Mr. Giardinni and Mr. Smith voting yes and Republicans Mr. Rousseau voting no,

Mrs. Hurst was in the hospital receiving a pacemaker.

Once again, a written report doesn’t do some meetings justice. (pun intended)
You have to witness the inflection, the body language, the pregnant pauses… the emotion.

Bottom line as I saw it, there is an Ohio Revised Code saying that, Mr. Candelario received the necessary form, signed with all appropriate signatures, notarized etc etc and it was a legal submission for Mr. Riley to be on the ballot.

The he said, she said of who did or didn’t is another issue and I’m SURE there will now be a Policy and Procedure for handling in the future.

A reader pointed out this Landmark agreement.,921139.shtml

New York’s Westchester County:

The suburban county just north of New York City agreed to create hundreds of affordable homes in heavily white communities and encourage nonwhites to move in.

“The settlement will have a major impact on the way federal housing and community development funds are used throughout the country,” the center said.

Federal housing officials depicted the decision as a warning sign they would step up enforcement on communities that accept federal money or housing redevelopment; HUD funds such as (CDBG) Community Development Block Grant program.

So if I’m reading this right: any city in any state that accepts HUD money must make available homes in that community for minorities in any zip code/neighborhood.

This should be interesting to follow.

What are your thoughts?

I’m sorry if you missed it, what a treat! The men and women of Lorain’s Coast Guard opened their door/gate for us to view this military facility here on the shore of the Black River.

The weather was perfect for a ride to the Lighthouse.

They offered a lot of interesting information.

Their dedication and sacrifice is striking to me.

They live in the station for two days, off two days and work every other weekend. As they are reposted on average every 3 years I think it would be hard to raise a family or establish a network of friends.

They appreciate when a community reaches out to them and with this Open House today I believe they’ve reached out to us.

I wonder how we can let them know how much we value their service.

 I will be following up with more information, if you have any questions please Post and I will forward to Officer In Charge Seth Tomas who’s hospitality today (and those of his crew) was greatly appreciated.

I wonder if people realize how active The Coast Guard is overseas as well as protecting our Coast.

Always watching over us.

Established and built in 1904, on the east side of the entrance to the Black River at Lorain Harbor, the Station officially opened in 1908.

Coast Guard Station Lorain is co-located with the Aids To Navigation Team (ANT) at the mouth of the Black River on Lake Erie’s southern coast right next to downtown Lorain Ohio. Thirty-five miles to the east is Cleveland, located in northern Ohio. The station crew consists of 23 Active Duty, 7 Reservist, and 6 Auxillarist personnel. The station has 4 boats: a 41 ft Utility Boat (UTB), a 25 ft Respones Boat (RBS), a 21 ft Trailerable Aids to Navigation Boat (TANB), and a 16 ft Ice Skiff.

The main missions are Search and Rescue and Law Enforcement.
The summer is full of life and many things to do with all the tourists and commercial fisheries. During the summer training is vital to the skills they need to ensure the best safety for SAR and LE.
As a whole at the station they are always training, preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. In the winter, when things slow down and boats are pulled from the water, the Coast Guard is busy training for Ice Rescue.

The U.S. Coast Guard will celebrate Boater Safety Month (July) with an open house Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m 110 Alabama Ave.

Equipment and weapons used in law enforcement will be displayed, and boat rides on 41-foot and 25-foot Coast Guard boats will be provided.

For more information, call 288-1207.


When attending a meeting there is one rule that should be obeyed.

#1 Stay on Topic

In respect to the guest speaker and other attendees do not deviate from the subject, this is disrespectful to the speaker and other attendees. The guest speaker can not address areas they are not in control of ie: society, government, family issues, or your neighborhood.

Should these issues be of significance, speak at the end of the meeting (sidebar).

 Tonight’s meeting

The Toledo chapter of the Guardian Angels, Aaron Brilbeck spoke to a crowd of about 80 individuals. He described the goal and background of the Guardian Angels and answered questions from the guests.

I asked questions about the criteria of a prospective Angel (how do you avoid vigilantes) and what stats/data they had after they went into a city as to the difference they made.

After a background check they train (for maybe three months) and during that period they find those who just want to go out and bust heads and weed them out. Quantifying their efforts and results is difficult, how do you count the “interrupted” criminal activity? And that sounded like their MO (method of operation); by their presence break the cycle, if they’re nearby they stop the illegal activity and the perps (perpetrators) move on.

Various members of council were present, police representatives and a delegate of the governor’s office. At the end of the meeting it was asked if the Guardian Angels could function/begin without the cooperation of the police department. Mr. Brilbeck said, yes, it is your community and they would work with the police department. Captain Engle then was asked and he’d mention that at no time did they ever say they would not want to cooperate and they would work with them.

I had the feeling after the meeting that there was a chance that it might begin. But with any good project, it needs:

  1. Startup
  2. Planning
  3. Execution (or Doing)
  4. Close Down

If history is a true indicator…… well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or sometimes USEPA) is an agency of the federal government of the United States charged to regulate chemicals and protect human health by safeguarding the natural environment: air, water, and land.

I found this study online today about 2002 air quality.

I love facts/data and appreciate the work it takes to gather, decipher and present. But my goodness, this is from 2002?!? What are the facts today?

I’ve always wondered if my husband’s pancreatic cancer was a result of “environment”. I thought it curious that three people within his neighborhood were affected, when the total each year in the United States was around 33,000.

Frequent Questions

Website for the United States home page

Type in your zip code to get a website with a lot of interesting facts.

The State of Ohio’s website

I wonder if we take it for granted that our air and water are safe.

If we promote Neighborhood Watches, maybe we should pay attention to our air and water and report if we have concerns.

There was a Town Hall Meeting tonight at Southview
It was in the papers and emails to those who use the County Auditor’s website were sent emails notifying them.

With all the talk about real estate taxes I would have SWORN there would be more than 40 people attending. And when I saw 3 police cruisers as I pulled in I thought, “Well, this is going to be interesting…..” and it was.

I found it to be very informative.

It began with an explanation of the reason for the Triennial evaluation (it’s State ordered)
They talk to Realtors
Evaluate the sales in the neighborhoods (there are 50 in Lorain) (removing foreclosed from the formula)
Did you know there were 5,000 real estate sales last year in the county but 2,000 were foreclosures?
They perform a Neighborhood Analysis, roll up to the city, roll up to the county and send to the State in August.
The State reviews (using the Conveyance Statements when houses are sold) makes a determination and comes back to the county and tells them what the change should be. Cuyahoga and Lake counties just had 8% increases as determined by the State.

So everyone thinks, I want my real estate appraisal to go down so I’ll save money/pay less taxes.

If your appraisal is lowered:
It may affect the asking price if you put your home on the market.

But what I learned tonight, it can INCREASE your taxes.

HOW !?! you ask?

When levies are passed they are passed for a specific amount, let’s say $1 million dollars.
That $1 million still has to be raised, even if your $100,000 appraisal was lowered to $75,000

County Auditor Mark Stewart

I spoke to Mr. Stewart and as in all meetings I attend; try to listen, take notes and ask questions. I encourage you to do the same.
After their meeting for Southern Lorain County next week they mentioned having their information online for review. And if you have questions to please contact them.